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The game is on

Raised from the swamps, there is a wide range of dragons, all offspring of an ancient dragon family. They all have different strengths and special powers which can help you with your gaming quests. 

This assortment contains a wide selection, making it accessible for everyone. The Nedis® gaming accessories will not only be part of your lifestyle but will soon be part of your friends' lifestyle because of their great look and feel. We chose different materials, designs and of course good quality to give you value for money. 

What does gaming mean to us?

Gaming is often misunderstood. Some see it as a waste of time or look upon gamers as people who don’t get out as much as they should. What people do not understand is that it is more than just an environment with a set of rules and a set goal. It is a whole new world, a part of history, a part of fantasy and creativity. Gaming can improve skills such as language, communication, response, strategy and social structures. If you do not believe it? Try it, us gamers, dare you. 

Gaming mice

With the futuristic look and feel of the Nedis® gaming mice you will enter your arena in style and your faith, within the game, is literally in your hands. A gaming mouse can empower you and your skills. Accuracy and response are really important – and even a perfect fit, for comfort, can help you achieve your goals. 

Have you ever tried a gaming mouse with no less than 9-buttons? Well, if you haven’t so far, you should. A 9-button mouse enables precise shots as never experienced before. Handle quickly and master the game.


A gaming mouse is a computer mouse that is often equipped with more buttons and applications than the regular computer mouse normally has. The extra buttons can be set up for different functionalities depending on the type of game. Next to extra buttons the mouse can be recognized by its look and feel that is mostly bad-ass and more futuristic. The design is mostly made comfortable and ergonomic for good handling.

Gaming mice are mostly made out of lightweight material so they can easily be moved around on the desk. The gaming mice are available with or without cable, but with a Bluetooth receiver for instance. There is a lot of discussion going on in the gaming scene about whether or not wireless playing effects the speed of response badly. Therefore a lot of gamers hold on to the wired gaming mice.

A gaming mouse should be an extension of your skills and responsiveness. Grip, fitting and buttons with suitable functionalities can be elements to keep an eye on. In regards of fitting you will mostly find mice that are designed for the right-handed, as lefty you might want check if there is some availability for you as well.

Next to comfort for your hand it is important that the gaming mouse fits the rest of your gaming set-up. If you got used to playing without wires getting in your way, than wireless products are the best option for you. Nedis® only offers wired gaming mice at the moment. We have made this choice to ensure quality and great response time.

Speaking of quality. DPI can be an important indicator when looking for your perfect gaming mouse. The Dots Per Inch metric can tell you how sensitive the mouse is per inch. The lower the DPI, the bigger your movements need to be. You can experience this as sence of freedom, but when making short movements the accuracy will leave you disappointed. A higher amount of DPI can ensure you that the gaming mouse will respond better. The higher the DPI, the more options you’ll have in setting up. The preferred set-up can be different per game and player.

Gaming keyboards

Our gaming keyboards are the ideal choice for every gamer – and can endure over 10.000.000 keystrokes. We have keyboards with both plastic and metal housings so you can pick your preferred material. Plus all the gaming products are simply plug and play. In this way you won’t be losing any precious gaming time. The fit, height and design are created for perfect handling. Make good use of this advantage and shoot to score. 

The latest gaming keyboard has rainbow colour LED lights built into. With the illuminated keys you can play day and night and day again. With this extra dimension added to your gaming experience you can take on any challenge. There is no stopping you now! 

A gaming keyboard is a keyboard for the computer that supports online and offline gaming in a better way than a regular keyboard. This can be thanks to the design, extra buttons or extra options in the set-up of the keyboard. Next to this a gaming keyboard can be recognized by the look that is mostly more bold, dark and more futuristic than the normal computer keyboard. The design and extra features such as lighting can enhance the experience of the gamer. Furthermore the lights can even facilitate playing in the dark.

There are gaming keyboards available with a separate left and right side and therefor create a different kind of lay out on your desktop. This can be a great lay out for multiple-screen players.

The gaming keyboard needs to be at your service. Your hands, posture and way of playing should be supported to the fullest. The shape and size are important to take into account. Even the deepness of the keys can be a game changer. This also goes for the illumination of the keys.

It is important to check if a gaming keyboard represent your gaming style next to de fitting shape and design. Some gamers prefer wireless gaming accessories since they don’t like cables being in the way. In this case wireless gaming keyboards are a perfect fit.

When it comes to technology the term anti-ghosting, not to be confused with Key Rollover) will cross your path from time to time while looking for PC gaming products. While playing you happen to press more keys at once. Sometimes by accident, but sometimes intentionally. However some keyboard are not capable of translating all these signals into action, at once. This can be essential for gaming. ‘Anti-ghosting’ is a feature that gamers are looking into. Even though some gamers believe it is a marketing-minded concept.

Gaming headsets

If you want to hear the bullets flying around your head or if you want to know how close by those police helicopters are flying – go for one of our Nedis® gaming headsets. As soon as you put on these headsets the game is on. Amplify your imagination and feel every noise or sound thrilling you to your bones.

With a true PC gamer’s look and feel of the products you can seemly gear up for your role. The over-ear fit is adjustable to your preference. The longer cables and stable fit will make sure that if you move the gaming headset will move with you.

Communicate with you comrades via the intern or extern microphone, tested to pick up your voice in chaotic and crucial situations. Get your team set – and go! 

Gaming speakers

Our gaming speakers deliver brilliant sound. Giving you the surround sound experience you will never forget. Some speakers are easily powered and set up through a single USB port, this makes installing your newest products easy and quick. Which is great because you’ve got games to play!

We both have 2.0 speakers and 2.1 speakers that include a subwoofer for that heavy bass enhancing your favorite games. Complete your gaming experience with our Nedis® GSPR20020BK if you don't want to miss out on a multicolor LED light show illuminating your room. 

Gaming speakers for your PC do not have to be big. Compact design with great sound makes sure that your set-up for your audio won’t take up to much space in your game room or on your desk. With an aux-input on the speaker you make sure you can switch from your headset to filling your room with sound in a heartbeat. 

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Gaming controllers

Every second matters. Be in charge and select the best suitable controller for your type of PC game. Whether you are racing, in the middle of a war zone or combating a ninja, you need comfort and intuitive handling to get - and stay - on top. With suction cups and clamps to fixture the controller to your desk you don’t have to worry about making a wrong move. The rubber finish of the grip ensures firm handling as well. 

You can connect our Nedis® PC controllers easily with a USB-cable. No need for difficult processes, just unpack your package, plug in and enjoy your game. With programmable action buttons you are fully in control of your world. A vibration function is added on to the controllers to make your gaming experience feels as real as possible. Do make sure you hold on tight! You never know what might bump in to. 

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