5 ways to selling power

We have defined five ways to improve the selling power of our partners. By honouring mutual partnership, maintaining a strong assortment, supporting daily business, maximising store revenue and tipping the consumers’ scales, we can assure an increase in selling power and your success. Discover how we can boost your sales.

Daily business support

With the highest level of services and supply chain excellence, NEDIS always offers you the best time- and money-saving solutions that improve your operational processes. We equipped our warehouse with 18 robot cranes, a tailor-made WMS and dynamic picking system to guarantee an accuracy of 99.9%, next day delivery, drop shipment, and competitive prices. Our added value is also materialised in our IT and electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions like our customer-friendly webshop and rich content data feeds.

Through these innovative services, your buying processes and administrative tasks will run smooth and fast. Order your products today and sell them to your customers tomorrow; without any hassle, within the shortest amount of time, with the smartest solutions and the best value for money. So you can spend the largest part of your valuable time on your customers.