Create added value for your bulk assortment

As European market leader in cables, NEDIS has an important role when it comes to innovations. With no less than 5 different cable brands and 13 different cables series, NEDIS offers a solution for every market segment. Last year, NEDIS started to create extra value on the bulk series. Under the name of Valueline, NEDIS started to sell bulk cables in a good looking modular retail packaging.

Last year, Valueline started with the introduction of a Network Cable concept. Recently, Valueline further expanded the assortment with an enhanced HDMI™ and USB range and a complete Personal Media solution in different striking colours.

Valueline is progressive with its highly efficient and modular poly bag packaging. This transparent ‘bag’ not only protects the cables from dust, but also offers optimal product visibility. In this way, Valueline stimulates self selection and matches perfectly to every kind of shop and the available space.