NEDIS introduces: GP Lighting

In co-operation with GP Lighting, NEDIS introduces a complete new range of lamps, both LED and halogen. GP is an established player as a lighting manufacturer nowadays and is renowned for its excellent quality lamps, which won various tests.

GP LED lamp advantages
• Sustainable alternative for many incandescent lamps.
• Warm light temperature, no start up time and an attractive design
• Distinctive, appealing and innovative package
• Recognisable replacement wattages
• Clear package, showing everything consumers would like to know at a single glance
• Unique LED tester concept: on-the-spot LED lamp experience

GP halogen lamps
In addition to the LED lamp range with the newest techniques, GP also sells an extensive line of Eco Halogen and Standard Halogen lamps to meet the various market needs and applications.

Halogen lamps are a natural upgrade for the inefficient incandescent lamp as they have a longer lifespan of approximately 2,000 hours, use significantly less energy of up to 30% compared to incandescent lamps and have the advantage of being dimmable. GP Standard Halogen and GP Eco Halogen lamps are very suitable as direct replacement for incandescent lamps.