NEDIS, your partner in outdoor lighting

The gardening season is about to kick off! Expected is that this year, people will spend more money on their house and garden compared to the past couple of years. Moreover, lighting for the garden and outdoor is taking a bigger part in the spending of consumers. People are becoming more and more aware of the effects of lighting and new technologies like LED that make installation easier, and accessible for mass retail without the high costs.

NEDIS offers a complete solution of outdoor and garden lighting with Ranex. The extensive assortment of NEDIS includes 230 volt, 12 volt and solar lighting solutions for in the garden and around the house. From professional fixtures to easy and fun plug & play solutions at different price point, but all with competitive pricing.

The quality of products is guaranteed by means of out-house technical services, both in the countries of origin and in the Netherlands. All products comply with the latest EU approvals and certificates.