NEDIS Connect

To facilitate the electronic integration of business processes between NEDIS and its partners, the NEDIS Connect Program was initiated. Through this program, NEDIS aims to deliver the best possible solutions to seamlessly integrate your business processes with ours.

Using NEDIS Connect will allow you to:
• Automate your order process
• Reduce back orders by performing real-time price and stock checks
• Automate incoming dispatch information including Track and Trace
• Fuel your webshop / ERP or PoS systems with NEDIS’ article data feeds
• Use high-quality product photos, videos, 360 photos, manuals, PDFs
• Eliminate process defects
• Reduce the Order-to-Cash cycle

 Quick Start Guide

 Overview of NEDIS GLN numbers

 Technical Implementation Manual

For more information or if you would like to apply for the NEDIS Connect program, please contact us.