This is NEDIS

With over 30 years of experience, we are one of Europe’s market leaders in consumer electronics and accessories. As branded wholesaler, we carry nine own brands and we distribute over 300 other brands, including exclusive and licensed ones. We currently employ over 350 people, spread over local representatives, and supply over 50,000 retailers and e-tailers in over 50 countries. We offer excellent value for money, competitive delivery service and an innovative range of products. Our business revolves around committed partnerships throughout the whole supply chain resulting in money-making opportunities for all partners involved. Combined with ambition and thirty years of experience, we are the most committed and reliable partner to give resellers the selling power they deserve.

Facts & Figures

Logistic Facts & Figures

The highly advanced distribution centre gives NEDIS the unique logistic capabilities that guarantee the delivery of all your orders within 48 hours. The distribution centre measures 22,300m2 with 2 adjoining high bay warehouses. It is equipped with 18 robot cranes, a tailor-made WMS and an innovative dynamic picking system. The combination of all these high-end solutions provides an order capacity of 2,000 items per hour. Thanks to these unique logistic capacities, the highest level of accuracy (no less than 99.9%) is achieved.

The benefits of Drop Shipment
Drop Shipment is the powerful solution to the 40% of all customers that leave a shop disappointed because their desired product is not in stock. You can order directly from the vast NEDIS stock, after which the product is shipped to your customer’s address. It will arrive within 48 hours, personalised with your company name on the delivery note. This service turns your anticipating customer into a satisfied and returning customer.

Webshops also acknowledge the strong selling power of Drop Shipment. Combined with NEDIS’ wide-ranging assortment, it is a winning combination for these web based businesses. Through this service, your customers do not only always find the best solutions for any difficulty they encounter; they also find it in their mail within two days.

Sustainability Facts & Figures

As a future-driven, pro-active company, NEDIS takes its responsibility towards society and environment. That is why NEDIS strives for eco-friendly product development and conformity to the latest international and local product legislation. Here you find some examples of our sustainable selling power.


NEDIS always does everything in its power to meet the legal requirements of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals). These legislations involve strict legal restrictions regarding certain material contents of products sold within the European Union. By complying with RoHS and REACH, NEDIS takes its responsibility and contributes to the improvement of the environment, public health and public safety.

Green growth
Through the brand HQ, NEDIS supplies you with green selling power. The wide HQ assortment contains energy-efficient LED lighting with warm light-output, lithium batteries with a lifetime 7 times longer than alkaline batteries, solar battery packs and stand-by killers. In this way, NEDIS creates possibilities to maximise sustainable energy saving.

Sustainable from start to finish
NEDIS wants to organise its business to measure up to the highest level of sustainability. Therefore, we take part in a ‘Green Mail’ initiative. Through this initiative, NEDIS seizes the opportunity to calculate and compensate the CO2 emission of all its mail and package shipments. The initiators double the calculated amount of money involved and donate this to several CO2 reduction projects.

Taking our work responsibility
Our people are our most valuable asset. That is why, on a regular basis, NEDIS checks its factories on strict compliance with its corporate social responsibility policy. NEDIS vows to do everything in its power to ensure that both its employees and visitors are always safe from harm.

All is always under control

All NEDIS’ products are subjected to strict quality requirements. Within the supply chain, manufacturers are chosen with maximum care and on arrival, incoming goods are subjected to strict quality control. However, despite all these safety measures, over time some products may not meet certain requirements anymore. In these extremely rare cases, NEDIS always puts the safety of customers and consumers first and will immediately issue a safety notification or, if necessary, a recall.

Our figures

  • NEDIS introduces around 100 new products per month;
  • NEDIS carries 9 own brands in its portfolio;
  • NEDIS also distributes over 300 other brands, including exclusive and licensed ones;
  • NEDIS currently employs over 350 people;
  • NEDIS supplies over 50,000 retailers throughout Europe;
  • NEDIS supplies over 250 wholesalers, covering over 50 countries;
  • NEDIS has local representatives and distribution centres in 17 countries.