HDMI™ Splitter | 2-port - 1x HDMI™ input | 2x HDMI™ ouput

Article code: VSPL3402AT
Show movies, presentations, pictures or other content from an HDMI device on 2 screens simultaneously. The HDMI splitter boosts the signal which allows you to use longer cables without signal degradation.

Product specifications

  • Electronic device type HDMI
  • Outside material Metal
  • Connection input HDMI Input
  • Packaging Gift Box
  • Power plug Euro / Type C (CEE 7/16)
  • Connection output 2x HDMI Output
  • Max. resolution 3840x2160
  • Colour Dark Grey
  • Data rate 3.4 Gbps
  • Power consumption 10 W
  • Ports 2-Port
  • Bandwidth 340 MHz
  • Function control Automatic
  • EDID settings Customized (EDID Wizard Support)
  • HDCP version HDCP 1.3 Compatible
  • Supported technology 3D
  • Dimensions 111 x 77 x 24 mm

Package contents

Power adapter

Frequently asked questions

When a switch is in the up positionm it is "off" or "0" When set to the down position, it is "on" or "1" To get the desired setting, look at the table in the manual and set the switches accordingly

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