Smoke Detector | EN14604 | Connectable | Mains Powered

Article code: DTCTSC20
This Nedis® Optical Smoke Detector offers you complete peace of mind.
It can interconnect with 12 other detectors to monitor an entire building – and it is powered by the mains but has a backup battery (1x 9V supplied) to provide support should there be a power cut.
It’s equally easy to test the unit is working: just press the test button for reassurance that everything is working as it should be.

Product specifications

  • Target customers Consumer
  • Detector type Smoke
  • Type Connectable
  • EN-compliant EN14604
  • Colour White
  • Sensor life cycle 10 year
  • Batteries included 1x 9V/6F22
  • Operating Temperature 0 - 55 °C
  • Sound 85 dB
  • Input Voltage 220 VDC

Package contents

Smoke detector
Backup battery
Base plate
Connector cable
Dust cover

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