Smoke Detector | EN1604 | 10 year lifetime | Small design

Article code: DTCTSL40WT
The compact Nedis® smoke detector is ideal for those who want the safety and security of an early warning system without having an obtrusive, bulky alarm being fitted in their room.
At only 43 x 43 mm it is 75% smaller than most detectors and can be fitted very discretely indeed. Yet, it’s large enough to house a powerful sensor and an alarm that offers 85 decibels of warning at the earliest stage of a fire.
Simple to install, using either the 3M tape or screws provided, the lithium battery within offers you ten years of protection.

Product specifications

  • Detector type Smoke
  • Type Ultra Small
  • EN-compliant EN14604
  • Colour White
  • Battery type 2x CR123A
  • Sound 85 dB
  • Operating Temperature -10 - 50 °C
  • Input Voltage 3 VDC
  • Sensor life cycle 10 year
  • Batteries included 1x CR123A

Package contents

Smoke detector
Installation materials

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