The various cables and connectors of Nedis®

HDMI, Optic cables, CAT6, so many different types of cables. But which one is which? And what is the difference? Can I advise this cable for an iOS or for Android? And does this cable support 4K TV’s? Read more on the latest developments and their differences to help you make your choice on which cables to add to your product range.

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For every device a matching cable

Our Connectivity range has three different product themes: Fabritallic, Stylish Titanium and Fresh Green. They’re all made with durable materials, can contain Apple-certified chipsets or Premium Certified HDMI and always use the latest tech.

In these themes you’ll find a wide range of products for Audio, Video, Satellite & Antenna, Computer & Networking, Smart Media, Power and much more. 

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Find the right type of cable to connect your TV. Ultra High Speed HDMI, Mini DisplayPort (coax) or maybe you’re looking for a flat cable with an angled connector. Even old cables like SCART or S-Video are available.

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Get the best cables for the best sound. You can find your audio cables - like optical (TosLink), XLR or analog stereo cables - with different lengths and in different colours here.

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To connect your devices, Nedis® offers network cables (CAT5e through CAT7) and USB (including 3.1 Gen2). For the professionals or DIY-types, there’s even SATA or cables on reel.

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Smart media

Find the right cable for your smart media. Cables for iOS, Android and other smart media devices in different colours and charging speeds.

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New products in our range

The latest developments presented by expert Danny

CAT6 White - Did you know that a network cable can be CAT5, 6 or 7? The numbers indicate the speed (bandwidth) at which it can send the data. So the higher the number, the faster your connection can be. Nedis added a white CAT6 cable that blends in better into daily interiors.

Cables with CPR - Nedis also has network cables on reel, complying with the CPR standard. That way you know for sure that it’s suitable for fixed installations.

Charger cables – We have added USB-A to Type C charger cables and USB-A to micro USB to our range for Smart Media. That way you can keep up with the latest advancements.

Newest additions - We added even more products to our Fabritallic theme ! Go check it out!

Upcoming ranges and products

Ultra High Speed HDMI

• Suitable for 4K at 120Hz
• Future-proof; already supports 8K at 60Hz

Premium Certified HDMI

• Products with a quality mark from the HDMI organization
• 100% reliable cable, with proof, that supports up to 4K at 120Hz

Fibre optic cables

• Lighter and thinner in design, with CPR standard
• Signals sent through light, so is faster / covers longer distances

Upcoming trends and tech

Nedis will be adding new Apple Certified charger cables to the product range that connect from USB Type C to Lightning, and will charge your Apple device even faster! The cable jacket is made of high-quality fabric and is more durable compared to the thinner PVC Apple cable. In addition, Nedis® has an extensive range of cables of diverse designs, quality and price levels, where Apple only offers one choice. The Apple MFi certification will ensure quality and reliability; you can be sure a Nedis® cable will remain compatible after an iPhone is updated.

*Available from August 2019.

Nedis® also expects an addition to the cable range, namely fibre optic cables. Four types will be available, all lightweight and thin in design: DisplayPort 1.4, High Speed HDMI with Ethernet, Ultra High Speed HDMI, and USB C to HDMI. Regular cables can usually only cover long distances if they are a few centimetres thick or with external power. But with fibre optic cables, which transmit the signal through light, you can cover up to 200 meters without any quality loss! Plus, these fibre optic cables also comply with the CPR standard.

*Available from November 2019.

The product lines of Nedis®

Don’t limit yourself to old school cables to charge or connect your device. Give yourself options with the different product themes of Nedis®: Fabritallic, Stylish Titanium and Fresh Green.

Fresh Green

At 1400+ products, the Fresh Green theme is our most extensive range. From the smallest connectors, to cables on reel and everything in between. In this product line you will find all standard connectors or cables, to help your customers with devices that are compatible with the major brands.
• Standard quality
• Extensive range
• Standard connectors and cables (also available on reel)

Stylish Titanium

This high-quality line has gold-plated connectors and durable PVC plugs. This theme of over 300 items includes a very complete range of cables and connectors.
• High quality
• Durable PVC plugs with embedded Nedis® logo
• Gold-plated connectors


A premium line with gold-plated connectors, metal plugs and robust woven cable jackets, which will give the advantage of durability.
• Premium quality
• Robust woven nylon cable jacket
• Durable metal plugs with Nedis® logo
• Gold-plated connectors

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