Gear up for your winter trip

You look down the steep slope you are about the descent. You are well equipped and ready to roll. See you at the bottom!

Preparing for a winter trip or an activity in the cold should be fun and exciting. Whether you are going with friends for some excitement or you are going to have some quality time with family. With action cams, power banks, cables, cams, gimbals and more you can make the most out of your skiing trip or day on the ice.

Don’t lose your car or hotel key

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Safety first!

The white snow has something magical as you stroll down the hill. The sense of being free is overwhelming and you like to hold on to this forever. Since you are all geared up you have faith that you will make it down the slope in one piece, still, safety is everything.

In case of emergency it is always handy to have these items ready:

  • Water, jackets and blankets
  • Flashlights and/or reflecting signs
  • A spare battery or a power bank

Be careful while recording

Make sure that you mind your surroundings. Other skiers and snowboarders are also moving downwards or are also trying to land a trick on the halfpipe. Ensure your own and others’ safety. You can stay flexible with lightweight camera’s and keep your balance with one of our effective gimbals.

Suit up
Your ski or snowboard gear can ensure that you are prepared for numerous situations. But next to warm wearables you can also include some handy products such as a flashlight or a spare source of energy such as a power bank in case your phone runs out of battery.

Getting there

Before you can start all your on-slope adventures, you need to make the trip to your destination. The weather and conditions can vary and preparation can be key. Make sure that your car is packed in a safe way and you don’t have heavy objects lying around without securement.

Are you going to make a long trip and are you traveling to the best sites and do you want use your helpful gadgets anywhere, anytime?

Find out more about the perfect power banks, cables, tripods and related products to complete your journey. 

Record your trip and profit from it in case of an accident.

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Record every move

Anyone who has ever landed a great trick or descend can recall this thought: ’Wow, I wish everyone could see this.’ And anyone who ever fell face first in the snow can probably remember hoping nobody saw. With your own recordings you can be in charge, edit, share and revive all the great experiences that you have had.

With great action cams and accessories, you can always find the right solution for your purpose and use. Mount your action camera to your helmet or wear it on your body, either way, handling is made easy. With a waterproof case and the solid material of the accessories, you don’t need to worry about the weather conditions or other factors of your surroundings.

Action cams

Record every moment

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Time to warm up

Relaxing is just as important as activity. Take time to look back on your day with family and friends. Huddling up in front of a firewood fireplace is the ultimate feeling, but can take you a while to prepare and to clean when the fire is finally burned out. After a day outside you deserve an easy way to chill and warm your ears and hands. Electronic heaters can be a quick fix for every room.