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NEDIS 35 years

NEDIS 35 years

This year we celebrate our 35th anniversary at NEDIS. We want to thank everyone who contributed to this, especially our customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

Are you curious how NEDIS has grown over the past 35 years from a small barn in Beesd to an international company with several offices throughout Europe? You will hear it from Jacob Bonouvrié, one of NEDIS’ first employees who has been in service for more than 30 years.

How it all began

It all started 35 years ago, NEDIS (NEDerland – ISraël, Dutch for the Netherlands and Israel) was founded in a small barn in Beesd. The founders Jacob and Jukie Gilad, an Israeli / Dutch couple with a small electronics business in Vught, started the business with Jan and Lia Bouma, a friendly couple they already worked with, namely their supplier in repair parts. After a couple of years Jacob and Jukie became the single owners and the company moved to Hedel.

An international wholesaler

The company developed very quickly there. From a small company office where office employees helped picking order at the end of the day to a large and international wholesaler with a own warehouse with a conveyor belt and a large team of employees. In the following years more than 10 offices were opened in, among others, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Finland and France.

In 1999 the NEDIS headquarters moves to ‘s-Hertogenbosch where a new modern warehouse was built. In 2012 NEDIS was taken over by the Swiss Datwyler Group as part of Datwyler’s technical Components Division. We currently employ more than 350 people at NEDIS, deliver to more than 50,000 companies across Europe and have local representatives in more than 15 countries.

NEDIS employee for more than 30 years

Jacob Bonouvrié is one of NEDIS’ first employees and has been working here for over 30 years. Started as an assistant field representative, but nowadays working at the marketing department at the headquarters in ‘s Hertogenbosch. Jacob is a NEDIS employee in heart and soul. In the past years he has contributed to several departments within NEDIS. He was responsible for the design of the very first offers and catalogues, kept (and keeps) busy checking product data and switches between the representatives in different countries to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

NEDIS’ first catalogues

There were no computers at this time so they were initially made with a typewriter and by means of old-fashioned cutting & pasting and with rubbing and writing letters. The first catalogues consisted of separate pages, but later it became thick, bound catalogues of over 1200 pages in full colours and multiple languages, printed in our own printing house.

A real company man

Jacob hopes to stay at NEDIS until he retires. He is one of the first to enter the office and one of the last to return home. Even at the weekends he is working from home, preparing for the coming work week. He not only provides NEDIS with a lot of knowledge and wisdom, but also with a lot of passion and energy.

Jacob Bonouvrié: “I fit right in at NEDIS and I hope to continue working here until my retirement. What makes working at NEDIS so great? Electronics is and was my passion and I have always had a lot of freedom here, I can do what I like and what I’m good at.”

We asked Jacob what magic formula made NEDIS so successful. “NEDIS came at the right time with the right parts and the company always had a lot of ambition, which resulted in the continued growth and the opening of new offices and takeovers of a number of companies such as König and HQ.

"In addition, we very quicky automated certain processes, such as crating a database that made it possible to add products directly to the order. This has brought NEDIS a lot of success.”

NEDIS partner since 1983

When we ask one of NEDIS’ first customers why they have been a NEDIS customers for so long already, Jacob’s story is confirmed.

“We started doing business with NEDIS in 1983. At this time NEDIS was a company with 12 employees and one of our contact persons was Jacob Bonouvrié. Both companies were established in the component and repair business and were continually growing. Both companies realised that repair business was at the end of its days and we both switched to accessories. During these years Jacob Bonouvrié was one of our most important connections. He always gave us all necessary information and support. Also many employees from the NEDIS Export department supported us perfectly these days and still do now. Two regular shipments each week and a fully integrated product feed into our eCommerce platform grants a closed partnership up until today. This is the reason why NEDIS is one of our most important suppliers since 1983.”

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