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In the time coming we would like to give you an insight look at NEDIS. We are always working on getting to know our customers better, but we would also like to give you the opportunity to get a clear picture of who NEDIS is, what our company looks like, what processes we perform and how we serve our customers.

How will we give you this insight look? By guiding you on a tour through our company. On this tour we will visit several departments at the NEDIS headquarters in ‘s Hertogenbosch.

Meeting the Quality team

We meet the busy men of the Quality department on the first floor of the NEDIS headquarters. Arie de Bakker and Dirk Evengroen have both been working in this department for more than three years and are very busy with all aspects of quality within NEDIS. Not only do they ensure that all products within our assortment comply with the strictest European and national regulations for products and documentation, but they also focus on the continuous improvement of our products.

What does the Quality department do within NEDIS?

The Quality department is responsible for implementing, maintaining and improving quality systems and advising product managers (in the field of products) and customer service staff (in the field of technical questions and complaints). In order to carry this out properly and lead everything in the right direction, there is not only a lot of contact with collegues within NEDIS, but also, on a daily basis, with more than 10 Quality colleagues from our purchasing office in Asia. Because of this contact, the lines to suppliers are short and it's possible to make quick adjustements when new products do not fully meet the wishes and guidelines yet. This is very importent for the speed of the process of introducing new products.

Dirk is Operational Quality Engineer, which means that he mainly deals with the operational side of Quality. He prepares quality reports, processes test data and advises various departments concerning measures to be take if deviations are found.

As an Advanced Quality Engineer, Arie is more concerned with the quality process surrounding the introduction of new products. For example, he checks the samples of new products and, together with Dirk, he examines what is wrong with products that are sent back because they show defects.

Quality of new products

Every new product that is tested by our Quality team first undergoes a number of thorough laboratory tests in which the products is tested on several aspects. The kinds of aspects that the product is tested on, depends on the type of product. For example, adapters are tested on safety and performance and cleaning products are tested on ingredients and composition. Each product group has specific requirements that a product must meet before it can be placed on the market.

In addition, it's ofcourse important that all products work as they should, comply with European and national regulations and are in accordance with the NEDIS and Datwyler guidelines. One of those guidelines is, for example, being part of BSCI, a worldwide initiative for compliance, with which we work on improving working conditions in supply factories worldwide and setting up sustainable supply chains.

NVWA audit

In every EU country there is a market surveillance authority with the task to ensure that consumer goods are safe for the users & environment. In the Netherlands this is the Dutch Market Surveillance Authority (NVWA). In October 2016 the NVWA performed an audit at the NEDIS headquarters to review the systematic approach on product safety and compliance control. The result was sufficient, but with some systematic improvement points to be made. During the year we have worked very hard to pick-up on these points and after the second audit in September 2017 we got very positive feedback. The auditors remarked that we have made impressive progress over the past years. In the coming years our Quality team will work with full dedication to continue this progress.

Quality on the webshop

Did you become interested in our quality guidelines after reading this story? On our extensive Quality page you can find much more information about quality at NEDIS.

In addition, in our webshop you will find corresponding documents for each product, such as a declaration of conformity, material safety information and special product certifications.

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