Gaming Steering Wheel | Manual Shifter Option | Foot Pedals | Force Vibration

Article code: GSWL200BK
Take pole position as you step on the gas and screech around corners with this Nedis® Gaming Steering Wheel and Foot Pedals.
Feel the shock of every crash as the wheel vibrates bringing the action on screen vividly to life.
There’s 15 programmable action buttons to ensure control is always right at your fingertips and the heavy-duty suction pads ensure that, no matter how much you skid on screen, your wheel will never slip.
The realistic racing experience is 100% driven home by the foot pedals supplied. Simply connect to your computer’s USB port, put her in gear and go get that chequered flag!

Product specifications

  • Platform
  • Cable length 1.5 m
  • Material Plastic / Metal
  • Colour Black
  • No. of buttons 15 Buttons
  • Operating system Windows XP
  • Platform type PC

Package contents

Steering wheel
Gas/brake pedal
Driver CD

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