SmartLife, by Nedis

Technology has opened up a world of possibilities – and your smartphone can place them all at your fingertips. Taking control of your home, living easy, feeling safe and saving energy is more accessible and affordable than ever before.

What makes SmartLife your smart choice?

Smart products are easier to use than ever before, thanks to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.  But most still require a hub, gateway or bridge to operate. 

Nedis SmartLife is different - It requires no technical know-how or additional hardware. It simply connects wirelessly to your WiFi connection at home – making it so simple to set up and easy to use. 

Whether you're looking for a single smart bulb or you want to automate your entire home, Nedis can help you make it happen through just one powerful app.

It’s simple, straightforward and affordable – and there are new products and possibilities added all the time.

Turn on the lights, dim the lights, turn on your favourite music and prepare yourself that after dinner cup of coffee to unwind.

Turn on the heating on a cold winter day or switch on the air-conditioning when the sun is shining bright. Use your connected phone to be in control of the electronics in your living room, your garden, your kitchen or even every place at once, where and whenever you want. Don't you think it is amazing what we can do nowadays?

Smart security

Living easy starts with feeling safe and secure. Monitor and record events that happen on your property with these quality security cameras that also allow talk back with full 2-way audio using your smartphone. 

Smart sensors

As well as offering you control by your smartphone or voice, SmartLife sensors can make things happen automatically. Use sensors as a part of your smart security system or simply for the convenience of automatically turning on lights and appliances when you enter a room.

Smart energy

Our smart plugs turn any device into a smart device. Switch on or off remotely using your phone or voice – or schedule anything, from lighting to cookers and even electric blankets, for whenever suits you best.

A handy power monitor enables you to measure the energy consumption of your device, both at the very moment as over time. So you can enjoy an eco-friendly life as well as a smart one.

Smart lighting

Control the hue and brightness of your SmartLife™ lightbulbs remotely or automatically. Set the perfect scene for every occasion – whether it’s movie night or a romantic dinner. 

Replace the traditional light switches in your home - with our smart wall switches to take automatic or remote control with your smartphone or voice. And, of course, for old time’s sake these switches can still be used manually. 

Download the SmartLife app

Control and monitor all of your devices when you ease yourself into smart living with our mobile app. 

There’s no need for expensive gateways or complicated hubs. With SmartLife all you need is your Wi-Fi connection.

Create schedules and scenes for your devices or control your home from anywhere using the SmartLife app. You can make things automatically happen depending on the time of day, available light, weather or sunshine. Or any other product’s state.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home can be used to literally tell your devices what you want them to do for you. 

The SmartLife app is available for free in the App Store or Google Play